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Amilis makes egg freezing more transparent, supported, and affordable — before, whilst and after going to a clinic.
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1. Test your fertility levels for just £80

Amilis tests your egg count, interprets your results, and discusses what they mean for egg freezing.

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2. Decide if egg freezing is for you

With your test results, we’ll assess your timeline, cycles, and success rates. Access info, real stories and guidance from our team

3. Match with the right clinic

We connect you with reviewed UK clinics, tailored to your needs and includes a free consultation valued at £250.

“I booked an appointment with Aria clinic, it was quick and easy, I love what Amilis is doing!"
Denise -  Amilis User

4. Need help paying for your treatment?

Egg freezing can be expensive, reach out to our team to explore payment options.

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Don't just take our word for it,

I had been thinking about doing egg freezing for a few years, but I didn't really know anyone who had been through it and didn't have much reliable information to base my decision on. It wasn't until I encountered Amilis that I was able to get easy access to the information that I needed to be able to start the process and impartial advice on how best to approach this.


32, Senior Associate (Venture Capital)

I really can't thank Amilis enough. After my call with Yasmin, I went ahead and jumped into the process. As none of my friends have frozen their eggs I didn't know where to start. It was so overwhelming at first, but dare I say it, I am looking forward to my next cycle! I have already recommended Amilis to at least 10 other people who are seriously considering it.


39, Marketer

I'm a huge fan of Amilis and how they're creating clarity and conversation around egg freezing and fertility. I was trying to ask all my friends, no one really knew who to go to, and there was no centralised way to get trustworthy and accurate assessments of all the options. Amilis have made it so easy and the process feels so empowering rather than exhausting.


34, CEO

Not sure where to start?

Getting started can be hard enough, but the rest of your journey shouldn’t be. Amilis is a free platform that can help you:

Make an informed decision

Chat with a specialist, for free

Find the right clinic for you

Learn exactly how egg freezing works for you with our personalised resources, and set realistic expectations.
Get a feel for the process by speaking with fertility specialists and get your questions answered before investing.
We pre-vet leading clinics across the UK, ensuring price transparency, and safe hands. We can match you to the best clinic

Make an informed decision

Learn exactly how egg freezing works for you with our personalised resources, and set realistic expectations.

Chat with a specialist, for free

Get a feel for the process by speaking with fertility specialists and get your questions answered before investing.

Find the right clinic for you

We pre-vet leading clinics across the UK, ensuring price transparency, and safe hands. We can match you to the best clinic
31 years old
Is the average age women are having kids today.
By 30
a person with ovaries has lost 90% of their eggs.
1 in 6
Couples face fertility challenges—age being a predominant factor.
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Amilis was born from a personal journey.

“Deciding to freeze your eggs can be unnecessarily difficult. I want women to feel empowered and knowledgeable when beginning their search. I want women to have options.”
Sarita Stefani
Co-Founder of Amilis
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We're embracing the F-word.

We can take care of our reproductive futures, from a position of knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

Which factors should I consider when choosing a clinic?

Fertility treatment can be overwhelming. The factors to bear in mind when choosing a clinic particularly if you are self-funding treatment should be:

Location: You will need to commit to visiting the clinic numerous times so if it is closer to home or work this will limit the time needed to travel to and from the clinic and make it less stressful.

Treatments offered: Not all clinics offer all the services or choices you might want to consider so it is worth checking this before you make an appointment.

Cost: Some clinics may be more expensive than others, but also be wary of clinics which seem to offer very reduced cost fertility treatment as it is possible the treatment they can provide is limited.

Clinic ratings: Read reviews or better still speak with people who may have had treatment there and get a recommendation. The HFEA website is an excellent portal for this as it not only provides you with the latest inspection rating but also how patients have rated it on a variety of aspects.

Success rates: This is fundamental. A good clinic will have a reputation for providing good success rates which is imperative for patients to know. This means patients are taken care by doctors who recommend protocols according to their need, are well taken care of during the treatment cycle and they have good embryologists in a good laboratory in order for them to achieve the best outcome.

How long is an egg freezing cycle? How many cycles do I need?

Once cycle takes roughly 10-14 days from the start of ovarian stimulation to the egg retrieval. We recommend you freeze 10-20 eggs if you are under the age of 35 to achieve a 75-90% chance of achieving a live birth with frozen eggs. The number of eggs you can achieve will depend on your egg reserve which can vary from person to person. If you have a good reserve you may be able to achieve a good number of eggs from one cycle, if not then you may need multiple cycles to achieve this.

What is a round/cycle?

The cycle (or round) of fertility treatment starts with the period of ovarian stimulation with regular monitoring followed by the egg retrieval and ends with the embryo transfer. There is then a short wait before testing for pregnancy (14 days after the egg retrieval). A cycle of egg freezing ends with the egg retrieval and the period (again roughly 14 days after the egg retrieval).

Why should I consider fertility treatments?

You can start investigating your fertility at any time, if you are simply interested, or you have just started trying or have been trying for a while. We generally say if you are under 35 if you have been trying actively for 12 months or more and if you are over 35 it should be 6 months. If you are over 40 then it is useful to have some tests in advance of trying to ensure you do not lose any precious time. Be wary however of having fertility tests when it is not indicated as it may flag up issues which are not in themselves necessarily causes of infertility and may cause a lot of avoidable angst.

Can I start a treatment in a clinic, and I finish it in another one? Is that recommended?

No, we do not recommend starting treatment in one clinic and moving to another however if you are unhappy with your current clinic then of course it makes sense to move. We sometimes have patients who feel the need after multiple attempts to move elsewhere as having failed cycles can be triggering and some patients need to move on and try elsewhere. We fully understand this, equally we have a number of patients who come to us having tried treatment in other clinics, sometimes multiple other clinics. We find it very useful if these patients have copies of their notes and summaries of their protocols used and the outcomes of their cycles. This helps us to better understand their case and make a decision on how to move forward.

How do I know if a clinic is LGBTQ+ friendly?

Filter for this option in our clinic search menu. Reach out if you want to know about a specific clinic and we will come back to you promptly.

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