July 21, 2023
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Can I freeze my eggs with fibroids?

Can I freeze my eggs with fibroids?
Written by
Dr Zoe Miller
Medical Editor and Doctor at NHS
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In an eggshell...

  • If you have fibroids, you can freeze your eggs, but you might need to follow a slightly different process.

Can I Freeze My Eggs with Fibroids?

Fibroids are one of the most common gynaecological conditions, affecting up to 75% of women, with a third experiencing symptoms.1

These non-cancerous tumours grow from the womb, sometimes expanding outside of it and affecting nearby organs.

Whilst many women with fibroids don’t experience symptoms, some women struggle with heavy, painful periods and other life-affecting issues. Read more about the symptoms of fibroids in our previous article.

Treatment depends on symptoms: it’s focused on managing pain and bleeding, and shrinking or removing very large fibroids.

Fibroids only affect fertility in 3% of women2, so conceiving is usually possible. However, women with fibroids may also want to delay having a family, or have some kind of fertility insurance policy. Here’s where egg freezing comes in.

Can Fibroids Impact Fertility Testing?

You can definitely still have fertility testing with fibroids.

The testing process, especially ultrasound imaging, can be helpful to diagnose and provide information about fibroids. Tests may also pick up on low ovarian reserve, although fibroids don’t affect ovarian reserve in most women.3

If fibroids affecting the ovaries or distorting the shape of the womb are found, they can be treated. You’ll have more information and can plan for future fertility treatments or egg freezing early.

Fibroids And the Ovarian Stimulation Protocol

There’s very limited evidence in this area. Women with fibroids may have a low ovarian reserve, which means they may respond poorly to normal ovarian stimulation protocols.4

Stimulation with higher doses of hormones or adding extra hormones can results in better outcomes in these women.5

Alternatively, women with fibroids may have normal reserves and respond well to a normal stimulation protocol.3

Fibroids And Egg Retrieval?

It might be better to carry out egg retrieval before any surgery for your fibroids, in case of any damage to the ovaries or eggs. But this isn’t always possible.6

Large fibroids can get in the way during egg extraction and may need to be removed. They can also grow and affect blood supply to the ovaries.

An ultrasound scan before the egg freezing process can help your doctor find out if your fibroids might cause a problem during egg extraction.

For an egg freezing experience tailored to you, make sure to choose a provider that has previously helped women with fibroids freeze their eggs. For advice on choosing a clinic, Amilis can help.

Written by
Dr Zoe Miller
Medical Editor and Doctor at NHS