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Egg freezing can give you the freedom to explore relationships at your pace. Whether you're riding solo, figuring out love, or still on the fence about kids, Amilis is here with answers and options.
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I had been thinking about doing egg freezing for a few years, but I didn't really know anyone who had been through it and didn't have much reliable information to base my decision on. It wasn't until I encountered Amilis that I was able to get easy access to the information that I needed to be able to start the process and impartial advice on how best to approach this.


32, Senior Associate (Venture Capital)

I'm a huge fan of Amilis and how they're creating clarity and conversation around egg freezing and fertility. I was trying to ask all my friends, no one really knew who to go to, and there was no centralised way to get trustworthy and accurate assessments of all the options. Amilis have made it so easy and the process feels so empowering rather than exhausting.


34, CEO

I really can't thank Amilis enough. After my call with Yasmin, I went ahead and jumped into the process. As none of my friends have frozen their eggs I didn't know where to start. It was so overwhelming at first, but dare I say it, I am looking forward to my next cycle! I have already recommended Amilis to at least 10 other people who are seriously considering it.


39, Marketer

Ovary-thing you need to know about egg freezing.

Demystifying egg freezing and its potential benefits.
Is this journey the right fit for you?
A transparent look at the process and associated costs.
Unpacking the potential side effects and risks.
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Find out if egg freezing is right for you.

You want kids but haven't found the right partner yet.
Don’t know if you want kids yet might change your mind.
Age or health concerns impacting fertility.
Early menopause or other fertility concerns run in your family
Ready for kids but your partner needs more time.
In a same sex relationship and want options for biological children.

Empowerment, not promotion.

At Amilis, we're not here to advocate for egg freezing as the only way forward. Fertility is deeply personal and we understand that egg freezing might not align with everyone’s path.

And that’s okay.

We’re here to guide, not to persuade. Whether you choose to freeze your eggs or explore other avenues, our commitment remains unchanged. We aim to educate you about your fertility, providing insights so you can make informed decisions.

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