February 14, 2024
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Egg Freezing Safety Post Guy’s Hospital Incident: What It Means for Your Fertility Plans

Egg Freezing Safety Post Guy’s Hospital Incident: What It Means for Your Fertility Plans
Written by
Amilis Team
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In an eggshell...

  1. Over 100 women’s frozen eggs may have been damaged due faulty solution in London hospitals and Sheffield clinic. 
  2. This incident isn’t the norm where over 100s of thousands of egg freezing treatments are successfully frozen in the UK alone.
  3. Clinics partnered with Amilis confirmed that they did not use the faulty solution and are meticulous about safety procedures and communication.

So, there's been a bit of a situation at Guy’s and St. Thomas’s hospitals and Jessop Fertility clinic in Sheffield – turns out, over 100 women's frozen eggs might have been affected by a faulty freezing solution. Some of the women which have had their eggs compromised may be cancer patients that had hysterectomies and lost their chance of preserving their fertility. It’s especially worrying to hear for those of us thinking about safeguarding our fertility for the future. The HFEA has chimed in, saying this is a rare situation and it’s isolated to the mentioned clinics, but it's definitely got everyone talking about what it means for our own fertility plans.

What This Means for You

If you’ve frozen your eggs or are contemplating egg freezing, it’s crucial to approach this news without panic. This incident, which is serious and unfortunate, doesn't diminish the overall safety of egg freezing. In fact, HFEA reports that out of 100,000 cycles done in 2022-23, 99% had no such incidents.

But this is one of those rare situations that put things into perspective and highlight how important it is for Amilis to stay informed about clinics' safety measures. It also emphasises the need for tech advancements in the fertility space, that should have been in place, like yesterday! At Amilis, we're all about giving you the real deal, so you can make the best choices for your body. Remember, things happen, but it's crucial to pick a clinic that’s got a solid track record and doesn’t mess around with quality control. That’s what we do for you at Amilis – we make sure our clinics are on point with safety and communication, and equipped to handle such situations properly if they were to happen. 

In fact, HFEA reports that out of 100,000 cycles done in 2022-23, 99% had no such incidents.

What Our Partners Had To Say

As soon as we learned about the incident we reached out to our partner clinics to understand their stance on the incident and what they are doing to make sure this doesn’t happen with their patients. 

  • Lister Fertility Clinic shared, “We’re not using any of the affected items, ensuring this will not impact viability in the future." They also emphasised their commitment to communication: "If we are ever made aware of any issues, we would let patients know at the earliest opportunity.”
  • Rob Smith from Aria reassured, “We did not use the faulty vitrification solution. At Aria, we believe in being completely transparent. Had an incident like this happened here, we would have informed you promptly.”
  • Emma Kafton from The Evewell confirmed, "The Evewell was not using the same freezing media implicated in this incident. Therefore, our patients' eggs and embryos are safe and will not be affected by this issue.

These statements from our partners reflect their dedication to safety and open communication in your fertility journey.

Egg Freezing Safety in the UK

In response to the incident, the HFEA assured that they closely monitor the distribution of any faulty products and mandate reporting to the MHRA for swift action. Also, Clinics are legally bound to report such incidents to ensure adherence to safety measures. They have reiterated the overall safety of egg freezing procedures in the UK, reinforcing their commitment to patient safety and peace of mind throughout fertility treatments.

The Takeaway

Egg freezing requires meticulous care. Choose a clinic prioritising safety, transparency, and ethical practices. Amilis provides expert guidance and partners with clinics upholding these values. We're witnessing a remarkable era of progress in private clinics, where cutting-edge technology is increasingly being leveraged to enhance safety and efficacy in egg freezing.

Written by
Amilis Team