September 28, 2023
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The Average Cost of Egg Freezing in London

The Average Cost of Egg Freezing in London
Written by
Navya Muralidhar
MSc Clinical Embryology & Embryologist
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In an eggshell...

  • The average cost to freeze your eggs in London depends on the clinic chosen, your medical history, and the costs of tests associated. It averages around £5000-£7000 for one cycle
  • Egg freezing can be of great benefit to women in their late 20s to mid 30s, and has a higher chance of success when performed at earlier ages 1.

You’re here because you read up about egg freezing and want to know if it's a good option for you. Or, you’re new and want to know how the finances of egg freezing work. 

Or, specifically, you’re in London and trying to make an informed choice for your health, and your future.

Either way, you’re at the right place. 

Egg freezing is not just a response to a “ticking biological clock”, but rather a way to preserve your fertility, plan your future, and make the right choices for your reproductive health. And egg freezing doesn't just involve the clinic and the patient. It involves planning out finances, medications, effort, time, and hope. 

Keeping this in mind, we’ve detailed out a simple guide for you to follow, if you’re planning to freeze your eggs.

Why might someone consider egg freezing?

There may be several reasons why you may consider egg freezing as an option for your reproductive health. Some common ones include:

  1. You’re currently focusing on your career, or aren’t ready to have a child yet, and want to preserve your fertility
  2. You’re 30-35 years or older
  3. You’ve had fertility tests such as AMH or AFC which indicated low egg reserve, and hence, were recommended egg freezing as a viable option for your fertility journey
  4. You’re an egg donor
  5. You are undergoing chemotherapy, and are advised egg freezing prior to treatment
  6. You are a female transitioning to a male and need to preserve fertility before hormone therapy

Regardless of how common or unique your cause is, egg freezing is an option that lets you pool, freeze, and utilize these eggs at a later point in your life.

How much does it cost to freeze your eggs in London?

There’s the laborious and emotional part of egg freezing, which involves doctors, hospitals, your effort, time, and medication. Then there’s the financial aspect of it. 

The financial aspect of egg freezing includes the cost of consultations, the actual freezing cycle, the medications, fertility tests, and the cost of keeping the eggs frozen until they’re used. 

On average, an egg-freezing cycle in London costs around £5000-£7000. This varies on the basis of clinics but includes the cost of all aspects of the cycle, such as fertility tests, medication, and so on.

What are some factors that can affect the cost of your egg-freezing cycle?

While budgeting for a cycle, it's important to remember that there’s no “one price for all” or a master plan. Egg freezing cycles can vary from clinic to clinic, and can also depend on several factors such as:


Egg freezing is said to be most optimal when done before ages 37-40 1. Your age may also affect how you respond to hormones, the number of eggs remaining, and egg growth in response to medications. All these factors weigh in on whether you require a single or two cycles, back to back, known as egg pooling.

Tests required

Some tests are common and are a prerequisite for all, such as consultations, AMH levels, and AFC via ultrasound. Depending on the clinic chosen, there might be specific tests included in the base package of the cycle. 

Any additional tests such as transvaginal/pelvic ultrasound scans, thyroid tests, blood tests, and FSH receptor polymorphism tests 2 can be additional and based on further investigation by the doctor. Ideally, these tests help create a personalized treatment plan that allows doctors to understand and address the case better.

Clinic chosen

Not all clinics offer the same treatment plan or have the same costs for the tests required prior to freezing. Amilis’s egg freezing clinic comparator can help you gauge the average costs for tests in different clinics in London, and the average variability between clinics that you prefer.

Duration of freezing

The cost of egg freezing can be split into two segments to understand this aspect better. One is the cost that comes with the tests, medications, and the actual procedure itself. Second, is the cost that comes with keeping the eggs frozen. On average, the yearly cost of keeping eggs frozen in clinics within London ranges from £150 to £350, with the average being around £300.

This cost may vary on the basis of the number of eggs frozen. Certain clinics offer a fixed price for a batch or a specific number of eggs.

Medication variability

Medications are a part of your egg-freezing process, as doctors stimulate the eggs in your ovary to grow and mature. This helps them time the egg retrieval accordingly, to ensure that the eggs are mature when retrieved. While medications are included in your cycle costs, the average cost for it varies from around £500 to £1500. 

Now, this can differ from one person to another as well. Simply put, either your clinic may charge higher or lower, or you may respond better to higher doses of medication. This enables doctors to suggest personalized treatment plans for your case. This ultimately affects the type of medications you receive, and the amount it tags along.

Medicine replacements

Some clinics may offer you the option to have hormonal medications injected at the clinic. But, these medications are to be taken on a daily basis. 

And, we get it, traveling every day can be a nightmare. Be it traffic or taking public transport, it can be physically exhausting to do so. 

Due to this reason, many are taught and advised to self-inject the medications. 

Given that these are hormone-sensitive medications, they often have a specific method of storage. In case this is tampered with, damaged, expired, or lost, there may be additional charges in your cycle for medicine replacements.

A price breakdown of the egg-freezing cycle

To understand your egg-freezing cycle better, here’s an outline and a cost breakdown that can also help you choose a plan, and prepare for a budget prior to the procedure:

1. Costs for tests + egg freezing

This is a common route where you decide on a clinic, opt for tests prior to your egg freezing process, enter a medication cycle, and complete the egg retrieval. This also includes the cost of storing the eggs post the cycle. 

On average, the tests alone cost around £400-£500. This includes an initial consultation, a follow-up, AMH, AFC, and thyroid tests. The egg-freezing cycle, which includes screening, monitoring the growth of the eggs, scans, medication, and the annual storage fee, costs around £5500 on average, bringing the total cost of the entire egg-freezing journey to an average of £6200-£6500. 

Now, if you’re not ready to go forward with egg freezing and need a test to assess your fertility levels, there’s a cost-effective alternative you can opt for.

Amilis, in partnership with Randox, offers a 5-minute appointment for £50 only, at any Randox clinic in London for patients to test their AMH levels. One can get the results in 3-4 days, and it avoids the burden of an entire cycle’s package, especially when you’re debating if you’re still ready to go ahead. 

In case you do decide to go ahead with your cycle and a clinic, your Randox AMH test result will be accepted across clinics in London, avoiding the need for an in-clinic AMH test. If you're interested, simply drop us a message at or DM us on Instagram at @Amilisfertility.

2. Costs of multi-cycle packages

Clinics also offer multi-cycle packages if you’re going for 2-3 rounds of egg freezing. This may arise in cases where there is less ovarian reserve (lesser number of eggs in the ovary), poor response to hormonal stimulation, if you are starting chemotherapy soon, or do not have the bandwidth to undergo two cycles over 2-3 months.

In such cases, the costs vary substantially. Clinics offer multi-cycle packages at around  £5000-9000 for 2 cycles, and from  £9000-£13,000 for three cycles. These costs exclude medication and storage costs. 

3. Cost of an Egg sharing program

An egg-sharing program refers to an egg-freezing cycle where you choose to donate half the eggs obtained during the retrieval. You will be asked to sign a consent form and be explained the process of egg sharing for donation to others, or for research purposes.

Clinics offer such programs under select criteria of age, medical history of the patient, ovarian reserve levels, etc. If you do pass these criteria and are eligible, there are clinics in London that offer these programs at an average of £300-£400 a year. This is due to the fact that all the costs, except the freezing part, are covered by the clinics for this specific program.

How much should I budget for my egg-freezing cycle?

On average, every person might face financial variability in their egg-freezing cycles. There’s no single plan that fits all, and most clinics don’t offer a fixed amount for a cycle. 

Ultimately, this difference in costs can be beneficial for you. At any clinic, the treatment is personalized in a way that best fits your medical history, health, and what works best for your cycle. 

Hence, we recommend saving up an average amount that may cover your treatment plans and needs. 

If you’re looking to freeze your eggs in clinics within London, here’s a look into the average amount you’d need to budget:

  1. For a single egg-freezing cycle- £6200-£6500
  2. For multiple cycles- £5000-£13,000
  3. For egg-sharing programs- £300-£400

While these costs may vary from one clinic to another, having a rough estimate of the costs can help you save, check up on your insurance benefits, or just plan efficiently for an egg-freezing cycle.

How can I find a clinic that offers egg freezing in London?

Egg freezing sounds like a great plan on paper, but executing it requires effort, time, and hope. As a process that involves clinics and you working together, it's only natural to search for a clinic that works best and is convenient for you. 

If you’re looking to move forward, and source budget-friendly fertility clinics for egg freezing in London, Amilis can be your choice. With the diverse options and plans offered, Amilis has partnered with clinics across London to bring affordable, personalized egg-freezing programs, a simple call away.

At Amilis, we aim to match you with the right clinics for your egg-freezing journey. You can either schedule a 1-1 call with us, or take our egg freezing quiz to get stated. From our list of partner clinics, you can browse through, and even book appointments through Amilis. Discover fertility clinics that suit your choices best, from our pre-vetted list, here.

Written by
Navya Muralidhar
MSc Clinical Embryology & Embryologist

An embryologist by degree, and an educator by heart, Navya has completed her Bachelors in Genetics, and her Masters in Embryology and now strives to deconstruct the complex, into educational and informative articles surrounding her field of interest. She's specifically focused on time-lapse technology, IVM, and pre-implantation genetics. When not writing, you can find her at her favourite or newest coffee shop in town, sketching away, or listening to a podcast.