May 15, 2023
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Top tips for Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Top tips for Choosing a Fertility Clinic
Written by
Dr Zoe Miller
Medical Editor and Doctor at NHS
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In an eggshell...

  • Factors to consider include location, success rates, offered services, cost, staff, and facilities.
  • Research, compare, and trust your instincts in making a personal decision.
  • Switching clinics during treatments is possible but may involve complexities and costs.

The right clinic is crucial for your fertility journey.

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the one that fits your needs.

How do you choose the right clinic out of so many options? Is it worth switching if you’re not getting on with your current fertility doctor? We answer these and other important questions below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Location (59%), success rates (53%), impression of the clinic/staff (36%), treatment options (28%) and cost (26%) are most important to women when choosing a fertility clinic.1

Here's a breakdown of these factors:

  • Success Rates:
    You want to retrieve and store enough eggs to guarantee your future. You’re freezing your eggs now, but don’t forget to think about what happens later when you want to use them.
    We suggest looking for a clinic with high success rates in the treatment you want.

    It’s worth considering whether the clinic has experience with women in your age group, as this can affect outcomes.2 But don’t forget, a high success rate doesn’t guarantee success: each case is unique.
  • Location:
    Fertility treatments can be stressful and tiring. Having to travel halfway across the country for your treatment is going to make the process even more so! Whilst many fertility clinics are in London, there are plenty of other locations nationwide.

    Often several visits are needed as part of a treatment, so make sure the clinic's location is convenient.
  • Services Offered:
    It’s important to make sure the basics are covered. A technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is used to fertilise frozen eggs when the time comes.3 Whilst choosing a location to freeze and store your eggs, it’s helpful to know whether they offer this service for the future.

    Not all clinics offer the same options. Extra services like emotional support and counselling are available at some clinics, and others offer more affordable storage if you’re willing to donate eggs to others.
  • Cost:
    Costs vary hugely between providers.4 You might be able to afford the top fertility clinic, regardless of price. Or you may be on a tighter budget. Either way, cost vs quality is a key point to think about.
  • Staff and Facilities:
    Knowledgeable and caring staff make all the difference. It’s a lot easier to talk about fertility when you feel comfortable. Kind, qualified clinic staff and modern, up-to-date facilities will give you a better overall experience. You want to feel your eggs are in safe hands.  

Questions to Ask During the First Consultation

Your first appointment can be overwhelming. We’ve suggested some questions to help you gauge whether a clinic is the best fit for you.

What is your success rate for the treatment I require? How do you define your success rates?

Whilst this can give you some idea about the clinic, rates do vary from woman to woman. Finding out how they calculate success rates will make it easier to compare rates from different clinics.


What is the expected timeline for the treatment?

This will help you understand the services they offer and plan for upcoming treatment. Some options may fit better with your schedule than others or have longer waiting times.

How do you work out how many cycles I will need?

Asking this can help you get an idea of cost and how long the process should take.


What are the potential risks and side effects of the treatment? How do you handle/avoid these?

It’s good to know what the experience will be like. To learn more about this now, have a read of our blog post. You want to feel confident that the clinic is doing the most to improve your experience and keep you safe.

What are the costs and payment options for the treatment?

Cost is a huge factor to consider when choosing an egg freezing clinic.


How experienced are your staff and what qualifications do they have?

Of course, you want the right people caring for you with the best expertise.

How Do I Know if a Clinic is Right for Me?

By considering the above points, comparing a few different clinics, and visiting your favourite, it’ll be easier to pick an egg freezing clinic.

Don’t forget, choosing a fertility clinic is a personal decision. What works for someone else may not work for you. Do your research. Trust your instincts.

Should I Change Clinics During Treatments?

Yes, it’s possible to change fertility clinics during treatments, or choose another provider to store your eggs. Although it can be complicated and costly.

It’s best to choose the right clinic from the start, but if you’re not happy, consider speaking with the team first to try to resolve the issue before choosing to switch.

 Finding the right fertility clinic can be daunting. Let us help make the process easier by booking free consultations with Amilis. Or, get in touch with the Amilis team.

Written by
Dr Zoe Miller
Medical Editor and Doctor at NHS