November 8, 2023
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Egg Freezing and Dating: All you need to know

Egg Freezing and Dating: All you need to know
Written by
Navya Muralidhar
MSc Clinical Embryology & Embryologist
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In an eggshell...

  1. No, egg freezing doesn't have to affect your relationship. Ultimately it's your life, and your (+doctor backed) choice. You deserve support and [if you have one] a partner who's supportive too 
  2. It's completely okay to be nervous or uncomfortable about bringing up egg freezing while dating, or in a new relationship. But what matters is that when you do, you're met with a response that indicates their support or concern for you in the long run 
  3. In this "girl boss era", you're expected to do all- dating, balancing your career, and choosing fertility options simultaneously. But the truth is, it's okay to take it one at a time, or slow. Just ensure when you do make the choices you want- you have the right, trustworthy resources to do so.

"I'm thinking of freezing my eggs"

It's your first date. Or second, or third. Regardless, it's the place and time that you feel comfortable saying this out loud. 

Would you rather hear a "Oh that's great for you!" Or a nervous "Okay...but why?".

Actually, both questions are valid. Unless it's followed by "Why would you do it, you don't even want a baby!"

Navigating this can be hard. Especially when it's dating and fertility preservation, combined. So, how do you ensure that your date or partner is comfortable with this? And most importantly, how does egg freezing affect dating and relationships?

If you were looking for answers to these, you're at the right place!

Does egg freezing have an impact on dating? 

Generally, no. Egg freezing is a personal choice that you make for your health, and shouldn't be subjected to scrutiny unless it carries a risk. 

In fact, a NYU Langone study reports that 60% of women in their study disclosed their frozen fertility with their dates, and were met with positive, supportive responses (as they should!).

This helps them feel supported and is an indicator of how their date handles topics that are sensitive or personal. So no, if anything, egg freezing should only have a neutral or positive impact on your dating life.

How can I explore fertility options while dating? 

Fertility options, while you're dating, can either surround you or your to-be partner's fertility. If you're exploring egg freezing or even egg sharing, this can be something that caters more to you and your health. 

Another option is egg freezing or semen freezing for your to-be partner. As an LGBTQIA+ couple, either one of you can decide, and check for an egg or sperm donor later. 

On the other side of things, it's always important to have honest, open conversations if you're exploring fertility options while dating. Being open with these conversations can either let you know that they're not the one, or even match you with just the right person! 

When do I discuss egg freezing in a new relationship?

Honestly? The answer is a mix of whenever you feel it's right, and "earlier the better". In fact, many studies show that in cases of self-disclosure in newlywed couples, partners who experienced support and reinforcing responses saw increased intimacy and comfort while being vulnerable in the long run. Basically, your self-disclosure shouldn't have you questioning if your relationship will last or not. 

We know it can be scary or uncomfortable to bring up a personal topic in a new relationship. But hey, you deserve all the support in the world for the decisions that better your life. And maybe, discussing or bringing these uncomfortable topics to the table can be the start of that.

Amilis's take on: Balancing dating, career, and fertility planning

Juggling things like dating, and career whilst planning your fertility is no easy ride, to say the least. But what's important to remember is that it's okay to take a pause, juggle these things, or even take on one thing at a time. 

Remember, we'll be cheering for you in the background no matter what decision you make. If you're planning to move forward with your fertility planning, we'd want nothing but the best for you. Here at Amilis, we work to get the best resources, a call away. Be it a personalized call with a fertility consultant or checking the best fertility clinic around you to visit, we're here with you, every step of the way! 

Willing to make the first move on fertility planning? Head over to Amilis, and get started with a personalized quiz to help us match you with the right clinic.

Written by
Navya Muralidhar
MSc Clinical Embryology & Embryologist

An embryologist by degree, and an educator by heart, Navya has completed her Bachelors in Genetics, and her Masters in Embryology and now strives to deconstruct the complex, into educational and informative articles surrounding her field of interest. She's specifically focused on time-lapse technology, IVM, and pre-implantation genetics. When not writing, you can find her at her favourite or newest coffee shop in town, sketching away, or listening to a podcast.